Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I stayed in Friday. Hung around the home-front with the fam, which wasn't very boring at all (you have to know my folks, lol).

I almost stayed in Saturday too. Tried to cancel our plans, but I didn't want to leave the BFF hanging (Carrie wasn't having that shiit anyway).
First up was a house party in Bartlett I think. It was a birthday bash for the brother of an extended friend {extended friend = friend of/made through another friend}.
Next up was Westy's on North Main St. F-U-N! The atmosphere was nice and Reggie the bartender is one of the most fun people I've met in my entire 24 year old life.
After that, I headed to D's tattoo spot to catch up with my long lost friend {que "reunited" by peaches & herb}.
I got in about 7:30 Sunday morn and after being up, out & about for a whopping 23 hrs, I crashed out.

Today is $4 You Call It night at Swanky's. A co-worker & pals will be there, but I don't think I'll make it this week. I have to work this Saturday, and get my hair braided Sunday. Oh, and I have to get moved too.

*listening to Gnarles Barkley*
One of these days, someone is going to walk past my office and catch me mid chair dance/fake microphone singing. Hopefully, they'll make it a duet!

Live Love Laugh, Bitches!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching Up...

Sunday 01/18 ~ The Paradiso & Coletta's
Me & BFF Carrie went to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D. I won't dish any spoilers didn't exactly fall into my Best Movie Ever category. If you haven't seen it, see it in 3-D. The awesome visual effects are more than enough to make you forget you're watching yet another cheesy, poorly plotted slasher film.
We ate at an Italian restaurant named Coletta's, in Germantown. I've heard people talk about it a lot, but had never gone because the only location I knew of was in South Memphis. Not knocking anyone, but I don't go that route - literally. Anywho, the food was great and so was the staff.

Monday 01/19 ~ Swanky's
Swanky's drink special for Monday nights is $4 You Call It. And they mean just that - whatever drink you can dream up & call out (oh, and the classics too) for $4. I went for the alcohol, but after going all day without eating, the food was calling my name. I had a burrito bowl with all kinds of crap piled on it. Dee-lish. If you're feeling like desert, Swanky's fried cheesecake is a tastii choice. But stay away from the creme brulee, lol.

Thursday 01/22 ~ Chili's
Everyone has been to Chili's twenty-leven times, so I don't have to talk about the food. However, I'm usually there with the fam, so I'd never really delved into their drinks. But that wasn't the case last night. I went with Carrie & De'el, and we had: Bud Lights w/lime, Calypso Coolers, Blue Pacific Margaritas, and their Jamaican Paradise as our last round. I give them all a solid A+.
And lest we forget...Thursdays, Chili's has a 2 for 1 drink special on beers, wines and classic margaritas.

Westy's is up tomorrow night. Can't wait =]

A New Chapter

Brandy - Brokenhearted

"Life's not over. I can start again".

If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm in the midst of a break-up. Normally, a few nights out with the homies laced with alcohol, laughter & story sharing is enough to bounce me back. But the circumstances of my failed relationship make this time a lot different. In the 10 months we were together, I went through a lot (some good, some bad) with this person. When things were bad, they were BAD. But when things were good, it couldn't get any better.
I don't regret a single moment shared with him. He wasn't perfect, but he was perfect for me. It's incredible to feel that way about someone. And as much as I like to be optimistic about life, I can't help but feel that something like that doesn't happen twice.
In the day, I have so many distractions that I don't think about it much. However, night time is an entirely different story. I lay in my bed alone, something that I haven't done unwillingly in a long time, and I have nothing left to think about. Nothing other than how much I miss him, and how much I wish that we hadn't fallen apart.
I've lost more than a relationship. I've lost a friendship. And that's what hurts the most.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

APPROACHING WOMEN ~ With Asa Thibodaux

Part One

Part Two

Asa's YouTube Channel
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


*eli porter pause*

Monday, December 15, 2008


I have the sicklies, posts today.

BUT...scroll to my Blog Roll & check out some my favorite Bloggers.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


From what I've seen so far, a number of men claim to be qualified for the job, but lack the necessary skills to take on the task. But fellas, you're in luck! Listen up as this blog not very gently teaches you what it takes to be her Man on the Side.

Rule number 1: Know Your Role.

    What it means ~ You must keep in mind that you are not the Star Player. Repeat: You. Are. Not. The. Star. Player. She's in love with him. She's in lust with you. He comes first, always. She doesn't have expectations of you, and you shouldn't have expectations of her. Unanswered/unreturned calls, voice mails & texts are inevitable, pal. Especially if she's engaged in some good ole QT with Mr. Man. She likes you, and she likes spending time with you. But please, don't fool yourself. She is not going to leave him and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after with you.
    She has only one requirement of you: give her what her man does not. Is she a snuggle bunny, but her guy isn't much of a cuddler? Rent some movies, order take-out and spend a nice quiet evening holding her. And don't forget to play in her hair and kiss her on the forehead for good measure (lol). Is her sexual appetite too voracious for her sweety? Call her in the middle of the day for a lunch time quickie. Head to your local adult store, grab a few choice trinkets and spend the day and/or night exhausting each other. Is she adventurous in the bedroom, but has a more meek man? Tie her wrists up, blindfold her, give her a feather massage, an oil rub down, cuff her ankles, lick her feet, clamp some nipple pinchers on her & bite her booty cheeks. And choke her a lil bit too, if that's what she likes (you'd be surprised how many of us like that).
    If she's searching for a Man on the Side, her relationship is lacking something. All she wants you to do is fill the void.
Rule Number 2: Shut Your Mouth
    What it means ~ At times, she will talk to you about her relationship troubles, but she is not seeking your opinions or advice. She has homegirls for that. She just needs to vent. Look at her and nod, embrace her, change the subject even. There are a number of things you could do. But what you do not want to do is say something bad about Mr. Man or suggest she end their relationship. If and when she wants to end things with him, she will. Bashing her man or pressuring her to leave him will only drive her away from you. And quicker than you think.
    There a exceptions, but usually, she doesn't want a "sweet-talker". So save your I love you whispers and keep the thinking of you texts & e-mails to an absolute bare minimum. Your promises of baby I'll do this & that for you annoy the hell out of her and go in one ear and out the other. Very few women want begging & groveling outside of role playing.
    You're her getaway. You should always be a relief, and never an added stress.

So there you have it, the two basic guidelines to being her Man on the Side - knowing your role and shutting your mouth.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Trey's words have been ringing in my ears all morning. I don't condone cheating. Nope, not at all. I've never cheated. But it isn't until now that I've taken a moment to question why. I could say that it's because I have morals and I know its wrong. I could say that it's because I'd never want to hurt/disrespect someone like that. I could say that it's because the risk of disease is too high to sleep around. All of those things are true, but they simply aren't the number one reason why I've never cheated.

So what is the one thing that stands between Me & cheating? Opportunity.

I wasn't always the relationship type. I didn't sleep around, but I dated of course - you know how it goes...dinners, movies, concerts & other events. I never led anyone to believe that they were the only person I was spending time with (unless they really were). Pretty hard to cheat if you're not committed in the first place.

I believe in choices. So I don't mean to imply that I am no longer able to remain faithful in my relationship. I'm longer willing to.

Opportunity has knocked. Will I answer?

I was checking out one of my favorite bloggers, Lucky Lushington, and she hit a subject that I'm a bit too familiar with right now. Fellas, check out her entry, My Least Favorite Things: The Female Version of Blue Balls. It may prevent a black eye save your relationship...

WORD OF THE DAY ~ Opportunity

Main Entry: op·por·tu·ni·ty

Pronunciation: \ˌä-pər-ˈtü-nə-tē, -ˈtyü-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural op·por·tu·ni·ties
Date: 14th century
Merriam-Webster says:
1 : a favorable juncture of circumstances (the halt provided an opportunity for rest and refreshment)
2 : a good chance for advancement or progress
Mandii Says:
1 : there is a yes for every no out there. you just have to know where to look
2 : when one door closes, another opens

When opportunity knocks, will you answer?